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Comforter Lyrics #1 My Comforter!, Lyrics

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com•fort•er (kumfər tər),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a person or thing that comforts.
  2. a quilt.
  3. a long, woolen scarf, usually knitted.
  4. the Comforter. See  Holy Ghost. 


lyr•ic (lirik),USA pronunciation adj. 
    Also,  lyri•cal. 
  1. (of poetry) having the form and musical quality of a song, and esp. the character of a songlike outpouring of the poet's own thoughts and feelings, as distinguished from epic and dramatic poetry.
  2. pertaining to or writing lyric poetry: a lyric poet.
  3. characterized by or expressing spontaneous, direct feeling: a lyric song; lyric writing.
  4. pertaining to, rendered by, or employing singing.
  5. (of a voice) relatively light of volume and modest in range: a lyric soprano.
  6. pertaining, adapted, or sung to the lyre, or composing poems to be sung to the lyre: ancient Greek lyric odes.

  1. a lyric poem.
  2. Often,  lyrics. the words of a song.
lyri•cal•ly, adv. 
lyri•cal•ness, n. 

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Comforter Lyrics  #1 My Comforter!, Lyrics

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